Opening hours

10.8.2022 – 28.8.2022: only saturdays and sundays between 10:00 – 16:00

Entrance fees


Entrance ticket sales and entrance to the area ends one hour before closing time. See opening hours above for closing times.

All activities (except horseback riding, 4€/lap) are included in the entrance fee.

Corona info

Due to corona virus there are several changes to the activities at Kiviniityn Kotieläinpuisto, please read and follow the instructions below to make sure you can have a safe day at Kiviniityn Kotieläinpuisto.

  • You can bring your own food, our barbecue huts with grills and tables are at your disposal.
  • Please pay by card only and if possible use the contacless payment option.
  • We ask that you keep a safe distance to others, be mindful and be patient while standing in line as this will ensure everyone can have a safe and enjoyable day.

Thank you for your understanding and welcome!


Kiviniitty animal park is located in Sastamala, western Finland.  We have over 30 species, including regular farm animals and also wildlife like deer, reindeer, ostriches, wild bores, swans and many others. All the animals have spacious enclosures designed based on their needs. Many animals are well adapted for arctic conditions and can stay outdoors year round (although the park is open only during summer time).

Besides animals we have other activities such as trampolines, pedal cars and electric quads. Some of our pedal cars are big enough for even adults to drive and join the fun.  Our nature path takes you to a short trip in Finnish forest where you find small quizzes. We have a play area for children and a magic forest with friendly trolls and elfs.

There is a summer café in the park, where you can buy coffee, pastries, ice cream and such. We also have several  well equipped canopies with microwave ovens, open fire cooking grills and coffee makers if you wish to have a picnic. You are welcomed to bring your own food.


iirolantie 108, 38460 Sastamala